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Rehab Management in Outpatient

Outpatient rehabilitation programs are a critical component to the continuum of care for any health system.  As the population continues to age, trends show an increased need for outpatient rehabilitation services.  At the same time, changing regulatory and compliance rules are bringing new pressure on the delivery of therapy.  These trends create challenges that make expert management more important than ever.

  • Increased requirements for quality and transparency mean that outpatient rehabilitation departments must optimize performance and produce supporting documentation and data.
  • Well-run outpatient rehabilitation programs require specific expertise and skills to ensure the department is running efficiently.
  • The rehab department’s success depends on growing the business line and ensuring clinical outcomes that deliver value, improved financial performance, increased market share, and (most importantly) patient satisfaction.

Working with EnduraCare can help your hospital or physician clinics position their organizations for success.  We tailor our partnerships to meet your unique needs, whether it be enhancing your current campus outpatient department or developing satellite clinics.  We provide the talent and expertise to grow and expand your outpatient rehabilitation programs with:

  • Referral development;
  • Staffing/labor management;
  • Specialty programming;
  • Patient scheduling strategies; and
  • Protocol development.

Does Your Outpatient Department Perform?

  • Is your outpatient rehab program contributing positively to the bottom line of your hospital?
  • Does your outpatient department have a fully dedicated, rehab-focused recruiter to fill costly openings?
  • Does your outpatient department program deliver specialty programs that differentiate it from other outpatient programs?
  • Do you have productivity standards for your outpatient program?
  • How effective is your scheduling process in managing staff levels and productivity?
  • Does your team manage no-show/cancellation rates?
  • Does your therapy team see new patients within 48 hours of the referral?
  • Does the therapy team’s clinical documentation support its charges?
  • Is your billing and collections process effective in maximizing reimbursement?
  • Is your director skilled in clinical treatment, program development, staffing and productivity, compliance and regulatory monitoring, financial, and operational management?
  • Does your director have support from the health system to operate a successful outpatient department?


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