Team-Based Approach

We Bring a Coordinated, Team-Based Approach

When EnduraCare works with you, we are working on a jointly crafted plan.  We become a part of your team, engaging the therapists, physicians, and other team members to ensure that whatever decisions are made have the best possible chance of success.  EnduraCare will conduct an initial two- to three-day analysis onsite in which we will determine the baseline data to measure future performance.  Typically, we have several informal presentations to share ideas and concepts and to develop a coordinated strategy for the rehab department.  Interviews may also be conducted in order to develop an understanding of the cultural and political dynamics.  The findings from this analysis will be shared with you and will set the stage for our improvement initiatives.  Following the initial engagement, we will meet with your executive team on-site quarterly to review progress toward our milestones.

Our goal is to be transparent and to align interests.  We have a variety of flexible partnership structure options, including various shared-risk arrangements that have consistently allowed us to align clinical and financial goals.

We often find that hospitals have adequate therapy staff, but they are not providing their Director with the resources and support to ensure financial and clinical success.  We will empower the director and therapy staff with dedicated resources, including:

  • Developing outpatient programs;
  • Containing costs;
  • Increasing market share;
  • Providing staff education and retention;
  • Compliance monitoring;
  • Providing quality assurance;
  • Ensuring reimbursement accountability; and
  • Providing clinical education.