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About EnduraCare

Hospitals Rely on EnduraCare

EnduraCare is the nation’s largest privately held provider of therapy program management for hospitals. With almost 400 therapists helping patients in 11 states, our program management and rehabilitation services have increased revenue and enhanced performance in hospitals for more than 30 years.

Hospitals rely on EnduraCare for management in all venues, including inpatient rehab units, skilled nursing units, outpatient departments, inpatient acute care and home health. We are proven experts when it comes to complex reimbursement structures across all venues, and we’ve built dependable systems that empower us with administering every aspect of rehabilitation management—in real time.

With caring and knowledgeable rehabilitation services, revenue growth, reliable staffing solutions and educational resources, EnduraCare provides everything your hospital needs to give your patients the care they deserve.

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Working with EnduraCare

In two years, EnduraCare helped a hospital system in the Southeast increase hospital payments by 15% and boost average payment/case by 9.8%.

Increase in Hospital Payments
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About Us

What Makes EnduraCare Different?

Lasting Partnerships

Our average contract length is more than 10 years.

No-Risk Offers

We get paid only when agreed-upon parameters are met.

Reduced Costs

You’ll save between 25-75% from outsourcing to us.

Zero Personnel Costs

We are the only provider that assumes all personnel costs.

Customized Options

Choose the services you need and skip the ones you don’t.

Focused On Growth

Our rehabilitation services can be the second-biggest revenue generator in your hospital (besides surgery).